Tekstil Teknolojileri

General Information

Students who get sufficient points in the University Entrance Examination or meet the transition conditions without an exam are entitled to start the associate degree program of the department. Textile Program; It is a two-year technical program that teaches about textile concepts, theory, rules and applications.

Employment Profiles of Graduates

Students who successfully complete all the courses in the education plan receive an associate degree with the title of "Textile Technician".

Admission and Registration Conditions

High school diploma

Placement by centrally administered university placement exam.

Educational and Professional Purposes

In the education process covering 2 years, vocational courses are given as theoretical and practical as well as general education courses. Students receive education equipped with information about various fields of textile. During their education, they gain basic knowledge and skills with the courses they study, homework, projects they design, application studies, graduation projects and industrial internship for 30 working days. Our Vocational School provides Textile Program students with the necessary knowledge and skills throughout their education, and thanks to our existing textile laboratory, theoretical knowledge is reinforced with practical applications.


Our department was opened in the 1994-1995 academic year, and then it was named "Textile Technology" Program under the Department of Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather. In addition to the theoretical courses, there are also workshops / practice courses.

Transition to Senior Programs

Students who have an associate degree in textile can pass to undergraduate programs with a vertical transfer exam.

Employment Areas

Students who graduated from the Textile Technology Program in line with the competencies they have gained; They are employed as intermediate staff and assistant chiefs in yarn, weaving, knitting and dye-printing factories in the textile sector.

Head of Program Department, ECTS/DS Coordinator

Instructor See. Dr. Özlem ERDEM Head of Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Department




Cukurova University Adana MYO, ozlemerdem@cu.edu.tr